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“Health strategies change, health principles stay the same.”

– Brandon Broadwater

Get Help Reaching Your Goals With Health Fix

Have you ever found yourself wondering “how” you wound up feeling sick and tired. Perhaps there’s some extra weight that has snuck up that you haven’t been able to shed. Or maybe you’re following all the health “rules” you grew up learning but don’t feel great.

Sometimes we think all we need is the knowledge to set us free, to understand what is going on and what steps we can take to get ourselves on the right track. But if you stop here, then you’re setting yourself up for less than desirable results. What we’ve learned at Health Fix is that though knowledge is a huge part of any process, knowledge alone does not get results. Especially not long lasting results. What we have found is those who seek help, those who remain accountable and stay in an environment of growth are the ones with the best, longest lasting results. Someone who has your back, who has been through the trenches and lived to tell the tale AND is willing to share their wisdom is priceless. Someone who lives by the standards you are seeking, who is driven to be your cheerleader can make all the difference in your success. At Health Fix, we have exactly those people on board. Our coaches are real people who have overcome real struggles. What do they have to offer that stands out from the rest? They LIVE what they teach. They have dedicated their lives to helping others step off their edges to finally live the lives they yearn to live.

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How it Works With Health Fix

You will receive meal plans and shopping lists for thirty days. Also, we provide suggested substitutions depending on your desired outcome. Ie: Weight loss vs. muscle building. You are free to choose your dinners everyday, and we provide a list of delicious recipes for you to experiment with!

You will receive a Health Fix introductory coaching call with all of the information and encouragement you’ll need for a successful start to your new lifestyle. We provide details and information on how to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and mentally for this transformational program. You may begin the preparatory steps 3 days to one week prior to beginning the HealthFix™ program.

Once you have begun, there is a weekly live coaching call where you will be able to ask questions. These calls are specifically tailored to coincide with where you are at in the program. Though we are all different, and will all have unique experiences of the HealthFix™ program, there are universal rhythms that we will explore. This is a journey remember, and we’ll help guide you through as you discover what Ultimate Health means for YOU!

Health Fix Meal Plans

The Power of Plants

When we eat, we are essentially absorbing the energy from our food and using it as our own. The more vibrant and “alive” your food, the more vibrant and alive you will feel!