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“Health strategies change, health principles stay the same.”

– Brandon Broadwater


I already “know” how to be healthy, why should I join this program?

Knowing and doing are very different things wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes a reset, with everything laid out for us so it is easy, so we can stay motivated, is what we need. So if you already “know” what you need, but need help “doing” what you need to do (and perhaps learning a few extra tidbits along the way 😉 ), then joining us would be a great start!

Will I loose weight on the HealthFix™ program?

We have found that those who have extra weight their bodies need to loose, this happens, but if they are at a healthy weight they’re able to maintain this though the HealthFix™ program.

How can one program fit everyone?

We are all different, with different needs. The HealthFix™ program has options and recommendations for those seeking specific results.

Why not just use the recipes and forget about “joining” a program?

Those with the best results are those who seek help from masters in their field. Motivation, encouragement and knowledge all increase your chances of great lasting results.

Is it expensive to live this lifestyle?

Yes and no. How expensive is disease? How much money do you loose when you’re at home taking sick days? How many more opportunities would you be able to pursue if you had lasting energy and focus? The saying goes “you can pay the doctor later or the farmer now”. We think investing in your health is the best investment of all.

What if my family isn’t on board?

We explore this in one of the coaching calls and have provided recipes suited to share with family who are not joining you for the HealthFix™ program. Often, once family and friends see the difference in how you look and feel they’ll be interested in knowing more 😉

What’s the difference between juicing and blending?

That’s a  very common question and it can take a whole coaching call to explain all the details. However, the quick version is that when you juice you’re removing the insoluble fiber making it much easier and faster to absorb the vitamins and minerals. Trying to eat or drink all of those nutrients would be close to impossible. Blending is taking the whole fruit and vegetable and blending it until it’s drinkable.