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“Health strategies change, health principles stay the same.”

– Brandon Broadwater

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I lost 68 lbs.

– Andrew Richardson – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


The HealthFix™ Program opened my eyes… I LOVE FOOD… and it makes me happy!  I don’t have to give it up to be healthy with HealthFix™. The HealthFix™ Coach’s knowledge, experience, and love is unreal! Then… it’s combined with the EASY STEPS that will help us all reach our Ultimate Health.

– Veronika Pataki – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I came here with a lot of questions, and I got ALL the answers I needed!  I’m getting into my new body. I’m very grateful for an amazing my HealthFix™ Coach and the way she delivered, it was very helpful. Hope to be able to help other people too.

– Olena Gaivoronska – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Wow!! I have learned so much on how I can become healthier. I’m excited to put it all into action. I was asking myself, “why do I get one cold after another cold, and why do they last 1- 2 months each time?” I knew there was something not right with my body, but I didn’t know what to do, or where to turn. Now I know why and how easily I can change it. Thanks HealthFix™!

– Carol Couture – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I’ve been on to other “weight-loss programs” before. This is the first one that puts a meal plan together with NORMAL food!  It was great explanation on not just food and health, but our bodies reaction to food, stress, and the environment. This program was well-timed.

– Rob Ouellette – Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada


HealthFix™ was very informative. Now I know why I have been sick so often with colds. Now I know how to prevent them!

– Kim Robock – Henderson, NV, USA


I like that the advice is based on science and commonsense, not pills, potions and fads. It is something that I can roll out to my kids. I can now teach them healthy eating and living and improve our lives, in a sustainable way.

– Phillipa Rose – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


It was incredible to watch the HealthFix™ Coach hit a home-run with impactful delivery of health motivation. Information is one thing, but because she embodies so much truth, power, and love in this realm, I was seeing people shifting their resolve all around me as they listened.

She makes it feel attainable, simple. She can deliver terrible and depressing realities with a passion and joy that lightens the burden of change. Great job!

– Ginette Jobb – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


As usual with anything the founder Brandon Broadwater does, my expectations have been exceeded, and the HealthFix™ Coach is splendiferous. The HealthFix™ Program is life-changing. and will be life-changing for so many to come. Go HealthFix™!

– June Hughes – Taber, Alberta, Canada


The HealthFix™ Coach knows her stuff!!

The HealthFix™ Program doesn’t sell you products as the solution. Instead it teaches you how to feed your body nutritious fuel. The message here is health from real food. Finally a health program based on nutrition not a quick fix or supplements!

– Christy Elliott – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Just when you think you had a solid understanding of health, the HealthFix™ Program gave me completly new distinctions.

– Robert Coon – Ann Arbor, MI, USA


I wish the whole world can learn these principles. It would save so much heartache and pain. I’m going to do my best to teach others about HealthFix™… Even if it is only one person at a time.

– Ambrosia Fox – Magrath, Alberta, Canada


This program is designed for the real deal results – long term – if you follow the principles – to achieve better health! They know what they are talking about!

– Beth Richardsen – Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


The HealthFix™ Program was an amazing journey from beginning to end. We learned principles for general good health and for weight loss. I love that they work with principles rather than strategies. It’s been my experience that strategies come and go, but principles never change.

I’ve struggled with my weight for the last eight years. I couldn’t understand how or why weight wasn’t coming off. I learned principles in this program that make sense to me and I’m excited to see the results they bring when I align to them.

– Bradley Pitts – Phoenix, AZ, USA


The HealthFix™ Program is a sustainable lifestyle. I know that when my health is at its best I can expect the best performance everywhere else.

– Alec McKeehan – Ogden, UT, USA


Everyone knows they should eat healthier. What they don’t know is that they may be doing it wrong. HealthFix™ gives you both the motivation to do it and the knowledge to do it right.

– Bill Peavoy – Cardston, Alberta, Canada


This was incredibly eye-opening! Because of what I learned in this program, I was able to identify symptoms and pains that I didn’t even know were diet – related. I have a better understanding of how my body works and how to maximize my potential to get the most energy I can through eating properly.

– Chris Webb


The HealthFix™ Program lays out the universal principles for extraordinary health while appreciating there is NO “one – size – fits – all” tactic that works for everyone. It provides guidelines anyone can take away to have a better health… with distinctions for tailoring recommendations to an individual’s body type and goals.

– Derek Doepker – California, USA